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What is IMA and what do we do? 

How do we do it?

What is IMA's final product or service?

We are a startup run by data scientists and music producers, where we specialise in making the Music3 environment (web3 world in music) more accessible to both artists and fans. We do it by providing data driven recommendations and solutions for various parties within the music industry environment, as well as throughly analysing the overall dynamics and trends of the music tech ecosystem. Another aim of ours is to provide public with more information and insight about the world of data science in music, and especially so within the world of Digital Streaming Platforms.

We are always looking out for the most recent trends, developments and innovations within the current music industry space. Our approach is structured around interpreting results of our AI and machine learning models that implement big data analysis of patterns and current dynamics within the music industry ecosystem. This recommendation is data driven, but is also analysed and used by a team of experienced musicians and music promoters in order to combine it with a "human" factor and allow for the most relevant and encompassing analysis possible. 


One of our main long-term aim is to create an open source resource that will allow artists and record labels to better understand their market and "ecosystem". This is precisely why we publish all non exclusive reports we do, as well as trying to shed more light on these issues through our podcast conversations.  At the same time, our current service could be broken down into two main direction streams:

- Creating custom tailored campaigns for artists within the world of Music3. That includes the minting of NFTs & social tokens, creation of DAOs, assistance in choosing the right marketplace, budget optimisation, as well as overall information and education about the process. 


- maximisation of success and virality of the release during the production & promotion. This includes the execution of the production process, as well as providing the recommendation for the marketing process in order to allow for a more successful promotion strategy of the release..


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Nikita Jesaibegjans

Parth Sinha

Data Science & Machine Learning
Favourite Artist: J. Cole
Favourite Topic: Climate Change

Consultant & Data Strategist
Favourite Artist: Tom Misch
Favourite Topic: DSPs

Teo Marangon

Pavel Telica

Music Producer & Mixing Engineer
Favourite Artist: David Bowie
Favourite Topic: Italian Cuisine

Music Data Strategist & Writer
Favourite Artist: David Mrakpor 
Favourite Topic: Ranting at Putin  

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